Asked to Remove this Site
Context: It has been 15 years since Peter Sandhill first suggested paying him to take MDMA together in his house after expressing a sexual interest in me during a paid therapeutic session, recommended by every HAI facilitator. There has been no refund, no effort to secure me help of any kind by a competent licensed professional for any of the traumas suffered at the hands of the HAI facilitators, board. In this time the facilitators have continued spending energy to cover up their emotional/mental disease, while continuing to refer each other to the public as "teachers of love, intimacy and sexuality."

Upon informing Jason Weston and the board and all of the facilitators that I believed that HAI had behaved so unethically and unhealthily in my and perhaps many other cases involving trusting participants, I stated that I would be fighting on behalf of participants to bring their behavior to light, and included a link to this website. Consistent with past interactions, there was no apology, no statement of change, no willingness to do any of the things that licensed trauma specialists have recommended, or to hire and submit themselves to any outside review of their behavior willingly. I also stated that I would be suing the HAI facilitators for criminal negligence.

What followed was a letter from an attorney, threatening legal action if I did not pull down this web site.

Question: Is your eighteen year old daughter with a drug addiction who is considering a HAI workshop to learn how to avoid being used and abused in her relationships safer after learning about the blind spots revealed on this site or is she in more danger? Should the function of a public non-profit with tax-free status be to help the public learn about possible risks or should it's money be used to hire attorney's to shut up members of the public who have been traumatized by an unlicensed and unethical practitioner?

Concern: Every dollar and minute that the Human Awareness Institute spends suppressing information that would increase human awareness of the mental/emotional diseases of ignorance, chauvinism and self-centeredness is a symptom of another disease: fear. These diseases are contagious, and much like any sexually transmitted disease are most dangerous to people who are told that they do not exist. There is nothing shameful about being ignorant, scared or self-absorbed in some areas of our life. There is something unethical in taking money to presume to teach safety while spending money to hide the threats the facilitators of the human awareness institute represent until such time as they receive additional training or take a job they are fully qualified to perform.
Suing For Best Practices at HAI