Communicating Escalating Pain
Three days after I contacted the entire facilitator body I let them know that my pain, loneliness, physical symptoms and inner alarms were 500% higher than they had ever been in my life. I said that their approach was not working, gave several reasons why and asked for an urgent response. Not a single facilitator replied to this submission sent to

Questions: Is this standard protocol to ignore escalating symptoms precipitated by facilitator behavior? Is it considered "good medicine" to injure and escalate patient symptoms without calling in help or acknowledging communication. What if someone dies as a repercussion of traumatic symptoms? In a hospital if a doctor prescribes medicine with no intake procedure, then ignores feedback of side-effects communicated loudly by a patient, they are held liable. Is mental/emotional well-being less important than physical well-being?

Concern: There has never been a point in this entire process when the facilitators have acknowledged their lack of training, willingness and resources to heal the harm they caused. It is almost as if they know that all objective observers with training who might see their behavior in action would be so alarmed by their incompetence that risking the patient's life and seeking to secure secrecy was deemed preferable by the entire facilitator body and board to any single individual speaking out publicly, taking personal action to secure effective help, or taking a 100% stand for patient safety.
Suing For Best Practices at HAI