Help with Real Estate Strategy
As a contractor for twenty five years, I had taken an interest in the art of real-estate negotiations and building processes. This had worked out very well. In particular, I had purchased hundreds of dollars of investor, negotiation and other courses that I had used to build my first home no money down without any stress within $300. of budget and one month early. I knew the recipe I used very well and I thought HAI could benefit from this knowledge as it searched for a new home after the fire.

I wrote to Peter Sandhill and asked him if he thought this would be useful. He said he did not think so.

So I wrote to the whole facilitator body that if anyone wanted to spend six hours with me, I would do my best to impart all my knowledge in a condensed time-frame at no cost to HAI. I assumed it would save HAI $50,000-$300,000 on a 1-3 million deal that they would be involved with if they found land and built. I had saved $50k on my own small projects over the norm so this seemed like a conservative estimate. Jason Weston and Marcy agreed, and after a month came to my house in San Rafael with iphone recorder in hand. In my hot tub and in my living room I shared everything I had used and Marcy recorded it all on her phone. 

Question: Why would a facilitator not think it worth HAI's time to learn about it's single biggest expenditure? Are there other opportunities along these lines being actively rebuffed by individual facilitators? Is it reasonable to ask team-members to donate an extra $50-$300,000. so that the facilitator body can save itself six hours of time learning basic real-estate negotiating and building techniques?

Concern: Contribution strengthens commitment, self-esteem, abundance and relationships in any community. I have never been asked to share many of my strengths and have been actively rebuffed when attempting to do so? How many more latent gifts are waiting in this community that no one has the intelligence, time or imagination to invite and receive? 
Suing For Best Practices at HAI