Suing to Shut This Site Down
On June 6, 2017, more than three years after the facilitator body refused to own that HAI facilitators who chose, trained, recommended and protected a HAI facilitator participating in sexual and therapeutic abuse of a HAI participant on psychedelics was a HAI issue, HAI continues to spend energy to suppress the information it maintains is not a HAI issue to resolve, but is a HAI issue to suppress. 

This gets to the heart of the diagnosis: How much time and money do the facilitators have to make a problem worse that they pretend they do not have to prevent the problem in the first place? Jason Weston maintains that trauma literacy is not a focus of HAI, which is consistent with the traumatizing abuse protocol of both the facilitators and community. But that spending $1,500. to shut down a site that does little else than shed light on HAI's many trauma blind-spots and what participants can read, learn and understand about that is a HAI issue. 

Questions: Does "Human Awareness" increase if HAI succeeds in taking publicly donated money to shut down a site by a HAI graduate concerned about the safety of HAI participants? Do you think that someone, such as myself, when I have donated money, would imagine that their money to help build emotional literacy on topics of love, intimacy and sexuality would in fact be spent to shut down a website that illuminates all the areas HAI facilitators refuse to address? Is this the way you want your money spent?

Concerns: The facilitators have chosen to stay relatively static as an organization, adding little to their repertoire of teachings in the 12 years I have attended workshops. The culture at large is not so static. When I began HAI workshops it was common to find an older woman who did not know for sure where her clitoris was, or a man who didn't for example. But society is becoming more physically literate, thanks in part to pornography in a culture that continues to be astoundingly backward in it's choice of education topics. This stagnation in the therapeutic terrain (trauma is the most important new focus dawning on the cultural horizon, as is the neurology of emotions and Jason Weston does not think this is important for HAI; it's most of what this site is about) extends to stagnation in the business terrain. I offered to teach Jason before this blew up about how I had made my landscape site one of the best SEO'd sites in my industry in the country, ranking number one in more than 10 keywords and high in more than 30. Jason failed to take this opportunity for FREE and also failed to buy the most basic domains for HAI. I picked up for $8.95 per year twenty years after HAI could have done the same with 20 minutes of time and the willingness to ask for help to fill in it's many facilitator blind spots. HAI is spending $1,500. to shut down this domain, prompting me to buy for $15. and for $9. They do not know how to ask for help and this is endangering the community, when that extends to a protocol for managing sexual abuse by a HAI facilitator, and damages trust in leadership when they are twenty years late to the information age due to a protocol of declining free help when offered and willful ignorance of anything that does not suit them. How much more of your money will they spend refusing to ask for help on futile efforts to suppress a story they should be leading in their many roles as self-appointed teachers?
Suing For Best Practices at HAI